Agler, Tanya || The Sheriff's Second Chance
Akers, W.M. || Westside
Albom, Mitch || The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
Alcorn, Randy || The Ishbane Conspiracy (with Angela & Karina)
Alexander, Johnnie || The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post) | Where She Belongs
Alexander, Piers || The Bitter Trade
Alsaid, Adi || Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak | We Didn't Ask for This (Excerpt)
Anderson, Brenda S. || The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post)
Anderson, James || The Never-Open Desert Diner
Andrews, Andy || How Do You Kill 11 Million People? (Spotlight)
Andrews, Mesu || Isaiah's Daughter | Miriam | The Pharaoh's Daughter


Bailey, Jodie || Quilted by Christmas
Balts, Alleece || The Crowd
Bast, Marie E. || The Amish Marriage Bargain
Batson, Wayne Thomas || Sword in the Stars | War for the Waking World
Beal, Patricia || Desert Willow | Desert Willow (Audiobook) | Desert Willow (Excerpt) | A Season to Dance
Beard, Sarah || Beyond the Rising Tide
Bertin, Eleanor || The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post)
Besing, Megan || Perfect for the Preacher (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Bevere, Addison D. || Saints
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda || June
Billerbeck, Kristin || Smitten Book Club
Blake, Toni || The Giving Heart
Blessing, Tonya Jewel || The Melody of Mulberries (Excerpt)
Blount, Laurel || Hometown Hope | A Rancher to Trust
Bocci, Nina || The Ingredients of You and MeMeet Me on Love Lane
Boddie, Brandi || The Preacher's Wife | A Windswept Promise
Boeshaar, Andrea || A Thousand Shall Fall | Threads of Faith 
Borgo, Karina Sainz || It Would Be Night in Caracas
Bradford, Laura || Piece By Piece (Spotlight)
Bradley, Patricia || Gone Without a Trace | Justice Delayed | Justice DeliveredA Promise to Protect | Standoff
Braffet, Kelly || The Unwilling (Excerpt)
Brandes, Nadine || Fawkes
Brashares, Ann || The Whole Thing Together
Breakey, Caleb || The String
Brendan, Maggie || A Sweet Misfortune | The Trouble With Patience
Brennan, Terry || The Aleppo Code | Ishmael Covenant
Breslin, Kate || Not by Sight
Brouwer, Sigmund || Fortress of Mist | Saffire | Thief of Glory
Brunstetter, Wanda E. || The Christmas Prayer | The Seekers
Byrne, Monica || The Girl in the Road


Campbell, Rachelle Paige || Love Overboard (Excerpt)
Campion, Emma || A Triple Knot
Cantore, Janice || Drawing Fire
Carr, Robyn || Sunrise on Half Moon Bay (Excerpt)
Carol, Anne || Faithfully Yours | Never Let Go (Spotlight)
Carter, Mary || Meet Me in Barcelona
Carver, Meghan || Murder at the Courthouse (Excerpt)
Castrodale, Beth || In This Ground
Catchings, Tamika || Catch a Star: Shining Through Adversity to Become a Champion (with Ken Petersen)
Catts, Margo || Among the Lesser Gods
Chang, Janie || Dragon Springs Road
Contreras, Sonya || Until My Name Is Known
Conway, Hannah R. || The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post)
Cook, Mandy H. || A Very Austen Valentine
Coombs, Laurie A. || Letters From My Father's Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness
Cooper, Tea || The Woman in the Green Dress
Cornick, Nicola || The Woman in the Lake
Cornthwaite, Barbara || A Very Austen Valentine
Corp, Carey || Destined for Doon | Forever Doon | Shades of Doon
Cote, Lyn || Blessing | Faith | Honor
Couch, Angela K. || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post)
Count, Susan || Mary's Song (Excerpt) | Selah's Painted Dream (Excerpt) | Selah's Sweet Dream (Excerpt) | Selah's Stolen Dream (Excerpt)
Crandall, Dawn || Enchanting Nicholette (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Crosby, Tanya Anne || The Girl Who Stayed
Cullen, Helen || The Dazzling Truth (Excerpt)
Currie, Hannah || Heart of a Royal
Curtis, Melinda || The Rancher's Redemption
Cushman, Kathryn || Fading Starlight | Finding Me
Cutrer, William || Lethal Harvest


D'Avenia, Alessandro || White as Silence, Red as Song
Davids, Jennifer A. || The Perfect Weakness
Davis, Max || Dead Dog Like Me
Davis, Susan Page || Captive Trail | Cowgirl Trail
Davison, Sara || Guarded | Lost Down Deep (Excerpt) | The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post) | The Seven Trilogy (Spotlight & Excerpt) | Vigilant
De Bruin, Michelle || Hope for Tomorrow (Excerpt) | Promise for Tomorrow (Excerpt)
Deering, Julianna || Murder on the Moor
Dees, Stephanie || Family Blessings
Del Boccio, Jarm || The Heart Changer (Excerpt)
Delamere, Jennifer || The Captain's Daughter | The Heart's Appeal
Dellosso, Mike || Kill Devil
DeMarino, Rebecca || To Capture Her Heart
Denly, Kathleen || Waltz in the Wilderness
Denman, Varina || Jilted
Denmark, Evangeline || Curio | Days of Fantasy for Christmas
Denton, Lauren K. || Glory Road | Glory Road (Excerpt) | The Hideaway | The Summer House
Dietrich, Sean || Stars of Alabama
Dietze, Susanne || Cameo CourtshipsFirst Love Forever Romance Collection (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Dillon, Alena || Mercy House
Dobson, Melanie || Hidden Among the Stars | Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor
Donnelly, Jenny L. || Still
Dotta, Jessica || Price of Privilege
Dougherty, Hope Toler || Mars... With Venus Rising
Dudley, Lorri || The Duke's Refuge | The Merchant's Yield | The Sugar Baron's Ring
Duffy, Kimberly || A Mosaic of Wings (Cover Reveal)
Duncan, Carly M. || Behind You
Dunn, Scarlett || Promises Kept
Dylan, Rachel || Deadly Proof


Earl, Cecelia || Kingdom Come Series (Spotlight & Review)
Elkink, Deb || The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post)
Ella, Sara || Unblemished | Unbreakable | Unraveling
Elliot, Camille || Prelude for a Lord
Elliot, Cathy || A Stitch in Crime
Engel, Amy || The Roanoke Girls
Eniath, Aliyyah || The Yard
Ethridge, Shannon || Veil of Secrets
Evans, Mike || The Columbus Code


Flaherty, Liz || Nice to Come Home To
Flickinger, Lisa J. || Rocky Mountain Redemption
Flower, Amanda || Amish Christmas at North Star
Fowers, Stephanie || Sweet Romance for Christmas
Francis, Wendy || Best Behavior (Excerpt)
Frank, Dorothea Benton || By Invitation Only
Franklin, Darlene || Lone Star Trail | A Ranger's Trail
Freeman, Dianne || A Lady's Guide to Mischief and Murder
Friesen, Jonathan || Both of Me | Unfolding
Fullerton, Claire || Little Tea (Excerpt) | A Southern Season: Four Stories From a Front Porch Swing (Spotlight & Excerpt)


Glass, Seraphina Nova || Someone's Listening (Excerpt)
Goddard, Elizabeth || Always Look Twice | Don't Keep SilentNever Let Go | Never Let Go (Excerpt)
Goff, Bob || Dream Big
Gohlke, Cathy || The MedallionSecrets She Kept
Golden, Peter || Nothing Is Forgotten
Goodman, Carol || The Widow's House
Goring, Alexis A. || A Second Chance
Gortner, C.W. || The Tudor Vendetta
Gould, Leslie || Becoming Bea | My Daughter's Legacy
Grochowski, Amy || Forever Home (Excerpt)
Groot, Tracy || Maggie Bright
Gruver, Marcia || First Love Forever Romance Collection (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Grzy, Sarah Grace || Live Without You
Gudenkauf, Heather | Before She Was Found | This Is How I Lied (Excerpt & Q&A)
Gustafson, Eleanor K. || An Unpresentable Glory
Guzman, Erik || The Seed: A True Myth


Hackett, Mary Curran || Proof of Angels
Hanscom, Ta'Mara || The Pretender
Henderson, Dee || The Cost of Betrayal (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Henley, Karyn || Eye of the Sword
Henrie, Stacy || A Cowboy of Convenience (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Herrera, Adriana || Here to Stay (Excerpt)
Herron, Cynthia || Her Hope Discovered (Excerpt)
Hickey, Cynthia || First Love Forever Romance Collection (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Higgins, B.T. || The Cracking of Monday Egg (Excerpt)
High, Jeff || The Splendor of Ordinary Days
Higman, Anita || Summer's List
Hile, Laura || A Very Austen Valentine
Hill, Melissa || The Summer Villa (Excerpt)
Hillman, Pam || The Crossing at Cypress CreekThe Crossing at Cypress Creek (Spotlight) | Natchez Trace (Spotlight) | The Promise of Breeze Hill | Stealing Jake
Hunter, Kristi Ann || A Pursuit of HomeAn Uncommon Courtship
Hunter, Kyle || One December (Spotlight & Guest Post)
Hyde, Catherine Ryan || Stay



Jacobs, June McCrary || RES-Q Tyler Stop (Excerpt)
Jacobson, Howard || Shylock Is My Name
James, Cara Lynn || A Path Toward Love
James, Steven || Synapse
Janowitz, Brenda || The Grace Kelly Dress
Jarzab, Anna || Breath Like Water (Excerpt)
Jefferies, Dinah || The Tea Planter's Wife
Jenkins, Jerry B. || Empire's End
Johnson, Becky || Run | Stand
Johnson, Christine || Love's Rescue
Johnson, Emily Maynard || I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love (with A.J. Gregory)
Johnson, Jen Geigle || The Earl's Winning Wager
Johnson, Kimberly Rose || The Sleuth's ConundrumThe Sleuth's Dilemma
Johnson, Liz || The Red Door Inn
Joshi, Alka || The Henna Artist (Excerpt)
Joubert, Irma || Child of the River | The Girl From the Train
June, Christina || It Started With Goodbye | No Place Like Here (Excerpt)


Ketchersid, Sherrinda || Lord of Her Heart (Excerpt)
Kiernan, Stephen P. || The Baker's Secret
Knight, April || ScriptureDoodle
Knipfer, Jenny || By the Light of the Moon (Excerpts)
Kramer, Leigh || A Storied Life


Läckberg, Camilla || The Hidden Child
Lea, Bronwyn || Beyond Awkward Side Hugs
Leake, Jessica || 12 Days of Fantasy for ChristmasThrough the White Wood
Lee, Jayci || A Sweet Mess (Excerpt)
Lee, Megan Whitson || Dangerous to Know
Lee, Patricia || An Anchor on Her Heart (Excerpt) | Love Calls Her Home (Excerpt)
Lee, Tosca || The Progeny
Leffler, Maggie || The Secrets of Flight
Leman, Kevin, Dr. || A Powerful Secret
Levy, Lawrence H. || Brooklyn on Fire
Lewis, Susan || Home Truths
Lewis, Phillip || The Barrowfields
Libaire, Jardine || White Fur
Liggett, Cathy || The Sisters of Sugarcreek
Lingerfelt, James Russell || The Mason Jar
Lippman, Laura || Wilde Lake
Locke, Thomas || Emissary | Merchant of Alyss | Trial Run
Logan, Kirsty || The Gracekeepers
London, Julia || A Royal Kiss & Tell (Excerpt)
London, Ophelia || Never an Amish Bride (Excerpt)
Long, Beverly || No One Saw (Excerpt)
Lopez, Angelina M. || Hate Crush (Excerpt)
Lortz, Rosanne E. || A Duel for Christmas
Love, Melissa Scrivner || Lola
Loven, Cindy || Swept Away
Luesse, Valerie Fraser || Almost Home
Lupton, Rosamund || The Quality of Silence
Lynch, Kariss || Shaken
Lynch, Rick, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) || Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles From an American General (with Mark Dagostino)
Lynn, Dana R. || Plain Refuge (Excerpt)
Lyons, Tracey J. || A Love for Lizzie


Mabry, Richard L., M.D. || Fatal Trauma | Medical Judgment | Miracle Drug
MacLaren, Sharlene || Summer on Sunset Ridge
Mackall, Dandi Daley || With Love, Wherever You Are
March, Emily || Tucker (Excerpt)
Margot, Cleopatra || Healing Their Hearts (Excerpt)
Markert, James |The Angels' Share | Midnight at the Tuscany HotelWhat Blooms From Dust
Marlow, Susan K. || The Last Ride
Marshall, Catherine || Christy | Julie | Julie (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Martin, Charles || Long Way Gone
Marvin, Debra E. || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post) | Cameo Courtships
Maxwell, Eliza || The Shadow Writer
McCabe, Erin Lindsay || I Shall Be Near to You
McCahan, Heidi || The Firefighter's Twins | Sweet Melody | Sweet Melody (Audiobook Review)
McClain, Lee Tobin || Low Country Hero
McClone, Melissa || Picture Perfect | Sweet Romance for Christmas
McCourtney, Lorena || Death Takes a Ride
McCoy, Knox || All Things Reconsidered
McCoy, Sarah || Marilla of Green Gables
McCoy, Shirlee || Home Again | Home at Last
McDonough, Vickie || End of the Trail | Long Trail Home
McDowell, Lucinda Secrest || Dwelling Places: Words to Live in Every Season
McHale, Celeste Fletcher || The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories
McKinnon, Hannah Mary || Sister Dear (Excerpt)
McMillan, Rachel || The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder | Murder in the City of LibertyMurder at the Flamingo
McNally, Jo || Her Homecoming Wish (Excerpt)
McNeal, Laura Lane || Dollbaby
McNear, Shannon || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post) | The Blue Cloak
McNeill, Laura || Center of Gravity | Sister Dear
McQuerry, Maureen Doyle || Between Before & After
McPherson, Brennan S. || Babel | Eden
McShane, Melissa || 12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas
Meade, Glenn || The Cairo Code
Mehl, Nancy || Deadly Echoes | Mind Games
Meissner, Susan || A Sound Among the Trees
Merrick, Regina Rudd || The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post)
Meyer, Angela D. || The Mosaic Collection (Guest Post)
Meyer, Gabrielle || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post)
Morgan, Sarah || A Wedding in December (Excerpt)
Morrill, Stephanie || The Lost Girl of Astor Street | Within These Lines (Excerpt)
Moser, Nancy || The Pattern Artist
Moulton, Courtney || Wardens of Eternity
Mulligan, Ane || A Southern Season: Four Stories From a Front Porch Swing (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Myers, Bill || Invitation


Naigle, Nany || Christmas Angels
Nappa, Mike || Annabel Lee
Neale, Michael || Into the Canyon
Nelson, Christina Suzann || Swimming in the Deep End
Nesbit, Jeff || A Powerful Secret
Nichols, Pat || The Secret of Willow InnThe Secret of Willow Inn (Spotlight & Excerpt) | The Secret of Willow Inn (Excerpt)
Nichols, Phyllis Clark || Return of the Song | Silent Days, Holy Night
North, Freya || The Turning Point



Pagels, Carrie Fancett || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post) | First Love Forever Romance Collection (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Papantonio, Mike || Law and Addiction
Parks, Adele || Lies, Lies, Lies (Excerpt)
Parks, Carrie Stuart || The Bones Will Speak | Formula of Deception | Fragments of FearWhen Death Draws Near
Parrish, Christa || Still Life
Patrick, Phaedra || The Secrets of Love Story Bridge (Excerpt)
Pavone, Chris || The Travelers
Peretti, Frank || Invitation
Perry, Amber Lynn || So Bright a Hope
Perry, Sarah || The Essex Serpent
Petersheim, Jolina || The Alliance | The Divide | How the Light Gets In
Petri, Alexandra || A Field Guide to Awkward Silences
Pettrey, Dani || Cold Shot | The Cost of Betrayal (Spotlight & Excerpt) | The Crushing DepthsDead Drift (Spotlight)
Phillips, Michael || The Inheritance
Phoenix, Michèle || Of Stillness and Storm
Pick, Alison || Between Gods
Pilgreen, Shauna || Love Where You Live
Pittman, Allison || On Shifting Sand | The Seamstress
Platt, Maggie || Kingdom Above the Cloud (Excerpt)
Politano, Joanna Davidson || Finding Lady Enderly | A Rumored Fortune
Popkin, Shannon || Comparison Girl
Post, Carol J. || Trust My Heart
Purmort, Nora McInerny || It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too)



Rao, Simi K. || Under the Shade of the Banyan Tree (Excerpt)
Rawlings, David || The Baggage Handler (Favorite Quotes) | The Camera Never LiesThe Camera Never Lies (Spotlight) | Where the Road Bends
Rea, Rachelle || The Sound of Silver (Spotlight)
Reed, Stephanie || The Bachelor
Reintgen, Scott || Nyxia
Robins, Tudor || Appaloosa Summer
Robson, Jennifer || Goodnight From London
Rockaway, Kristin || She's Faking It (Excerpt)
Rodewald, Jennifer (Rodes, J.) || The Carpenter's Daughter | Ordinary Snowflakes | Reclaimed | The Uncloaked Trilogy
Rosche, Janine || This Wandering Heart
Rosenberg, Charles || The Day Lincoln Lost (Excerpt)
Rosenberg, Joel C. || The First Hostage
Rosenthal, Alice || Bess and Frima
Ross, JoAnn || Summer on Mirror Lake
Ross, Mia || Sugar Plum Season
Rouser, Kathleen || The Last Memory
Rowley, Aidan Donnelley || The Ramblers
Royer, Ashley || Remember to Forget
Rue, Nancy || One Last Thing
Rushdan, Juno || Nothing to Fear


St. James, Brooke || Sweet Romance for Christmas
St. James, Rebecca || One Last Thing
Saint-Elien, Tarah-Lynn || Claim Your Crown
Salyers, David || Remarkable! Maximizing Results Through Value Creation
Samson, Lisa || A Thing of Beauty
Samuel, Sigal || The Mystics of Mile End
Sargent, Karen || Waiting for Butterflies
Schalesky, Marlo || Women of the Bible Speak Out
Schmidt, Anna || Safe Haven
Schreck, Karen Halvorsen || Broken Ground
Searle, Nicholas || The Good Liar
Seilstad, Lorna || First Love Forever Romance Collection (Spotlight & Excerpt) | The Mosaic Collection
Shackelford, Sherri || No Safe Place
Shields, A.L. || Wilderness Rising
Shiloh, Toni || The Trouble With Love (Excerpt)
Shipman, Viola || The Heirloom Garden (Excerpt)
Shorey, Ann || Sincerely Yours: A Novella Collection
Shrock, Marissa || The First Principle
Silverwood, Jennifer || Heaven's Edge
Simmons, Cynthia L. || Pursuing Gold
Simons, Paullina || Six Days in Leningrad
Simpson, Alice || Ballroom
Simukka, Salla || As Red as Blood
Sinara, Rula || Almost a Bride | Caught by the SheriffCaught by the Sheriff (Spotlight) | The Marine's Return
Singer, Randy || Rule of Law
Slattery, Jennifer || Hometown Healing
Sleiman, Dina L. || Chivalrous | Courageous
Smalley, Gary || The Desire | The Legacy
Smit, Olivia || Seeing Voices
Smith, April || Loving Grace (Review) | Loving Grace (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Smith, Charlie || Ginny Gall
Smith, Heather Norman || Shenanigans (Spotlight)
Smith, Jill Eileen || The Crimson Cord | The Heart of a KingThe Prophetess | Star of Persia (Cover Reveal)
Smith, Katy Simpson || Free Men
Snow, Jennifer || An Alaskan Christmas (Excerpt)
Sorrells, Amy || Lead Me Home
Sotis, Wendi || A Very Austen Valentine
Sparks, Nicholas || Two by Two
Spooner, Wendy Wilson || Once Upon an Irish Summer (Excerpt)
Springer, Kathryn || The Dandelion Field | The Hearts We Mend | Love on a Deadline | A September Bride
Sproles, Cindy K. || Mercy's Rain | What Momma Left Behind
Spurgeon, Kathryn || A Promise to Break
Stacey, Shannon || More Than Neighbors (Excerpt)
Starr, Mel || The Abbot's Agreement
Stelmack, M.K. || Coming Home to You
Stephens, Naomi || Shadow Among Sheaves
Stepp, Lin || Happy Valley (Excerpt) | Return to Edisto (Excerpt) | Take Your Pick: Mountain or Sea (Excerpts)
Stevens, Connie || First Love Forever Romance Collection (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Stevens, Amanda G. || From Sky to Sky
Stewart, Ann Marie || Stars in the Grass


Tagg, Melissa || Like Never Before
Taylor, Andrew || The Second Midnight
Taylor, Diana Wallis || Hadassah, Queen Esther of PersiaMary, Chosen of God
Taylor, Donn || Murder Mezzo Forte
Taylor, Jennifer Hudson || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post)
Teague, Melony || A Promise to Keep (Excerpt)
Tebow, Tim || Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms (with A.J. Gregory)
Thayne, RaeAnne || Coming Home for Christmas (Excerpt) | The Sea Glass Cottage (Excerpt)
Thoene, Bodie & Brock || Behold the Man | Take This Cup
Thomas, Pegg || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post)
Tozer, A.W. || Delighting in God (compiled and edited by James L. Snyder)
Tuttle, Susan L. || At First Glance (Cover Reveal) | At First Glance (Spotlight & Excerpt) | Love You, Truly
Tyers, Kathy || Crystal Witness
Tyler, Anne || Vinegar Girl
Tyndall, MaryLu || Tears of the Sea
Tysinger, Teresa || Someplace Familiar



Vallance, Brandy || The Covered Deep
Vamosh, Miriam Feinberg || The Scroll
Vanderah, Glendy || Where the Forest Meets the Stars
Varnado, Beverly || A Plan for Everything (Excerpt)
Vastine, Amy || Falling for Her BodyguardThe Rancher's Fake Fiancée
Vaughan, Virginia || Texas Twin Abduction
Vetsch, Erica || First Love Forever Romance Collection (Spotlight & Excerpt) | The Gentleman SpyThe Lost Lieutenant
Vogt, Beth K. || Crazy Little Thing Called Love | Moments We ForgetA November Bride
Voight, Janalyn || The Forever Sky (Cover Reveal)


Wahl, Leslea || eXtreme Blindside (Excerpt) | An Unexpected Role
Walker, Regina || We Go On (Excerpt)
Walsh, Courtney || Change of Heart | If For Any Reason (Spotlight + Guest Post) | Just Look Up | Paper Hearts | Things Left Unsaid (Spotlight)
Weimer, Denise || The Backcountry Brides Collection (Spotlight & Guest Post) | Fall Flip (Guest Post) | Traces (Excerpt) | The Witness Tree (Guest Post)
Weir, Andy || The Martian
Weiseth, Nish || Speak
Welch, Ron, Dr. || 10 Choices Successful Couples Make
Wells, Allison || War-Torn Heart (Excerpt)
West, Catherine || As the Light FadesAs the Light Fades (Excerpt) | The Memory of You | The Things We Knew
Whalen, Marybeth || The Bridge Tender | A June Bride
Whistler, Meghann || Falling for the Innkeeper | Falling for the Innkeeper (Excerpt)
Whiston-Donaldson, Anna || Rare Bird: A Memoir of Loss and Love
White, Angelia L. || Yes Sisters (with Erin Keeley Marshall)
White, Barbara Claypole || The Promise Between Us
Whitham, Becca || The Kitchen Marriage | The Telegraph Proposal (Excerpt)
Whitlow, Robert || Chosen People | A House Divided | Promised Land
Wiehl, Lis || The Candidate (with Sebastian Stuart) | Lethal Beauty | The Newsmakers (with Sebastian Stuart) | The Separatists (with Sebastian Stuart)
Williams, Carol Lynch || Never Said
Williamson, Jill || Rebels
Wingate, Lisa || The Sea Keeper's Daughters


Yates, Maisey || Cowboy Christmas Redemption (Excerpt) | The Hero of Hope Springs (Excerpt)
Y'Barbo, Kathleen || Cameo Courtships
Yezak, Linda W. || A Southern Season: Four Stories From a Front Porch Swing (Spotlight & Excerpt)
Yolen, Jane || A Plague of Unicorns
Yoon, Nicola || The Sun Is Also a Star
Young, Wm. Paul || Eve
Younts, Elizabeth Byler || The Bright UnknownThe Bright Unknown (Cover Reveal) | The Bright Unknown (Excerpt) | Promise to Cherish
Yttrup, Ginny L. || Convergence


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