16 March 2018

The Friday 56 & First Line Friday | Until I Knew Myself

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Happy Friday!

Today, my newly started book is this recent release from Tammy L. Gray, and I'm thinking it's going to be a good one. Enjoy! (The bit of green on the cover works for St. Patrick's Day, right?)

First Line: Even after his mom passed away, Tyler refused to call himself an orphan.

From 56%: The temperature dropped thirty degrees between them and Tyler felt every stinging degree.

RITA Award-winning author Tammy L. Gray delivers an unforgettable new series following five struggling friends in search of the true meaning of family through secrets, betrayal and the unexpected influence of an outsider…

Tyler Mitchell grew up an orphan, taken in by his best friend’s family when he was only sixteen. Even though ten years have passed and he’s been given everything he should ever want—a loving home, an adoring girlfriend, a successful career, and lifelong friendships—Tyler has always felt a foreigner in his own life.

When a surprising phone call reveals the death of his biological grandfather, Tyler’s seemingly perfect life starts to unravel. The people he loves most in world have kept from him the greatest secret of all—knowledge of his father’s family.

Now hunting for more information about his past, Tyler discovers nothing is quite as it seems. And the definition of family is far more complicated than choosing between blood and loyalty.

Now, feel free to leave a line from a book near you in the comments below.
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*This week, Hoarding Books is hosting an Irish-themed FLF in honor of St. Patrick's Day.


  1. This sounds good. I love the blurb. The author is new to me. This week I am spotlighting The Broken Girls by Simone St. James. Happy reading!

  2. Happy Friday! This one sounds really good!

    My First Line Fridays comes from a book I'm hoping to get to soon, Between Friends by Debbie Macomber.

    Dearest Momma,
    I thought you should know Mike and I had a baby girl on September first. I realize Daddy said I wasn’t to contact either of you ever again, but I felt you’d want to know you had a granddaughter.

    Have a great weekend and happy reading!😀📚📕

  3. Tammy L. Gray writes broken people so well and this book was no exception. Can't wait for book 2 in the Bentwood series!

    My current read's first line:

    Brandi's head throbbed. The hateful words still sizzled in her ears as the front door brushed open. (Finding Evergreen by Jennifer Rodewald)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. Great book lines--happy Friday!

  6. I do love the sound of this one! Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THE PERFECT NANNY”

  7. Happy Friday! My first line is from At Home with Daffodils by Paula Moldenhauer:

    "Not again!"

  8. Happy Friday!

    Today at my blog, I am sharing the first lines from Jennifer Delamere's latest novel, The Heart's Appeal. It's such a great book!

    Here I will share the first lines from my next-up book, Finding Evergreen by Jennifer Rodewald. This is my first read of this author's works, but I am very excited!!!

    Brandi's head throbbed. The hateful words still sizzled in her ears as the front door brushed open. Ethan stepped over the threshold."

  9. So sad I couldn't fit this book into my schedule this month! It's definitely going on my wish list though!

    Ty Remington blamed the homemade orange marmalade cake for why he found himself huddled under an overhang off some faraway path in Glacier National Park, shivering, praying he might live through the night.
    Storm Front by Susan May Warren

  10. Sounds very good, what a powerful but sad opening! Happy weekend!

  11. That line from 56%!

    I'm sharing a book with an Irish hero on my blog today, so here's the first line of an audiobook a friend recommended to me, The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan:

    "The problem with good things that happen is that very often they disguise themselves as awful things."

    Happy Friday!

  12. I like the 56 line. Tyler obviously cares a lot about the girl, otherwise the mood change between them wouldn't bother him much. Happy reading!

    My Friday post

  13. I can't wait to read this book. I know logic says I have to wait, but still ... when it comes to Tammy Gray, patience is not my strong point.

    I'm sharing the first line from A Season to Dance by Patricia Beal on my blog today, but I'll share here from the book I'm currently reading: A Chance at Forever by Melissa Jagears:

    "I wish you luck, George."
    "It's Aaron now. Don't forget."

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Doesn't really sound like my sort of book, but I hope you like it! :)