12 December 2018

Waiting on Wednesday | Sherwood

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Happy Wednesday!

Another retelling from Meagan Spooner? Can. Not. Wait.

11 December 2018

Top Ten Tuesday | Based-on-a-Book Christmas Movies

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Happy Tuesday!

It's a freebie week for TTT, so of course, I'm sneaking in more Christmas talk. And as I've been so enjoying a binge of holiday movies (mostly from Hallmark) recently in addition to books, why not combine the topics? Here's a list of a few Christmas movies and the books on which they're based.

10 December 2018

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #26

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Happy Monday!

It was a week of Christmas parties for me! Very festive and fun. Of course, I couldn't resist watching a few more delightfully cheesy Christmas movies—and books.

08 December 2018

C.E. Laureano | Days of Fantasy for Christmas


In a kingdom where the Old Ways hold fast and a man’s worth lies entirely in his skill with the sword, Conor Mac Nir is a scholar, a musician, and a follower of the forbidden Balian faith: problematic for any man, but disastrous for the son of the king.

When Conor is sent as a hostage to a neighboring kingdom, he never expects to fall in love with the rival king’s sister, Aine. Nor does he suspect his gift with the harp (and Aine’s ability to heal) touches on the realm of magic. Then his clan begins a campaign to eliminate all Balians from the isle of Seare, putting his newfound home in peril and entangling him in a plot for control of the island that has been unfolding since long before his birth.

Only by committing himself to an ancient warrior brotherhood can Conor discover the part he’s meant to play in Seare’s future. But is he willing to sacrifice everything—even the woman he loves—to follow the path his God has laid before him?

Publisher: NavPress
Release Date: May 1, 2014

07 December 2018

Ronie Kendig | Days of Fantasy for Christmas


He's coming for them. And the kingdom.

Haegan and Kaelyria Celahar are royal heirs of the Nine Kingdoms, but Haegan is physically crippled. What chance does he have against Poired Dyrth, the greatest enemy the kingdom has ever faced, who wields fire with a power none can match?

Their only hope is forbidden: Kaelyria must transfer her fire-harnessing abilities to Haegan. When she does it comes with a terrible price: Haegan’s disability is healed, but only by being transferred to Kaelyria. This decision causes their father, King Zireli, to unleash his wrath against Haegan.

Haegan flees the kingdom alone with two impossible tasks: Find a cure for Kaelyria and stop the coming war with the omnipotent Poired Dyrth.

Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Release Date: October 16, 2015



The Friday 56 & First Line Friday | A Convenient Christmas Wedding

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Happy Friday!

Another week, another Christmas story I'm looking forward to reading. My classes end this weekend (finally!), and I fully intend to make the most of my free time before the holiday.

06 December 2018

Reason to Breathe | Spotlight & Excerpt


Phylicia thought life was passing her by, but maybe this was love’s plan all along…

At twenty-nine, Phylicia Chandler put her life on hold to care for her dying mother with her sisters, Joanna and Britt. Now Mom is gone and their father stuns them all by running off with a woman young enough to be their sister. Life is moving forward all around her, but Phylicia feels stuck—until her father’s protégé, Quinn Mitchell, presents the sisters with an intriguing business opportunity to purchase a trio of cottages just outside of Langhorne, Missouri. Joanna and Britt are convinced the three of them should launch a vacation rental venture, but Phylicia remains skeptical.

To complicate matters, Quinn soon finds himself falling hard for Phylicia. But how can he pursue this beautiful, talented woman twelve years his junior when she’s still reeling over her father’s hasty engagement to a younger woman? Quinn is determined to give Phylicia her happily-ever-after. But first, he must help her come to terms with her discovery of long-held family secrets and persuade her that true love can transcend their differences.

Publisher: Gilead Publishing
Release Date: October 23, 2018

05 December 2018

Home Again | Spotlight


For the Bradshaw brothers, coming back to their hometown is the last thing they wanted. But to cope with family tragedy, they’re reuniting in Benevolence, Washington—a place of hope, caring, and ever-surprising love...

It’s ex-Navy SEAL Porter Bradshaw’s toughest challenge ever—six grieving nieces and nephews. With his brother, Matthias, killed in a car crash, and his sister-in-law, Sunday, hospitalized, Porter must take his turn looking after their children and the ancestral farm. He doesn’t know much about parenting. Still, Porter is used to going it alone professionally—and personally. But warm-hearted teacher Clementine Warren is a complication he can’t resist...

For Clementine, Benevolence is where her hopes for a real home and family crashed and burned. But as Sunday’s friend and former neighbor, she promised to always be there for the children. And as she and Porter work to comfort the young Bradshaws, his sense of duty and passionate commitment are rekindling more than Clementine’s dreams. Now with trouble coming, she’ll face down her fears to prove to Porter, and herself, that together they can make a future full of love...

Publisher: Zebra
Release Date: October 30, 2018


Waiting on Wednesday | Love and Other Mistakes

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Happy Wednesday!

Hate-to-love romance? I'm in.

04 December 2018

After the Rain | Cover Reveal


A heartfelt, emotional story of the beauty and pain found in picking up the pieces and starting over after disappointment.

Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
Release Date: February 4, 2019