15 January 2015

Stand by Becky Johnson

About the Book

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Nine months ago Charlotte Marshall survived a nightmare when she was hunted by a sadistic killer. Now routine, ritual, and a vigorous self-defense schedule barely keep the fear at bay.

Desperate to move on Charlotte finds hope in volunteering with FindMe, an organization dedicated to finding missing people and helping their families. Her first case ends up being more than she bargained for, and she soon learns that a little hope can be a dangerous thing.

While Charlotte unravels a mystery, an old enemy circles waiting for just the right moment to strike. Charlotte will have to choose to stand and fight, or to give in to the fear that waits for her.

Becky Johnson’s second Charlotte Marshall novel, Stand, picks up nine months after the end of the previous one, as Charlotte determines how best to move forward with her life in light of the traumatic events. And unsurprisingly, she finds herself in the midst of yet another dangerous mystery - and many of the bothersome aspects of the first book bothered me again in the second. In all the action-packed pages, revelations and resolutions arrive fairly easily, and despite all that happens, the end left me disappointingly without any answers to the questions I had after the first book. However, I do have to say that while reading, I found myself liking Stand a bit more than Run - though I can’t quite pinpoint the reason why. Perhaps I felt more connected with this second glimpse at the characters, or perhaps the few additional plot intricacies upped the intrigue. All in all, it provided me with a quick read. I think readers who enjoyed Run will equally enjoy Stand.

Thanks to Becky Johnson and Pump Up Your Book, I received a copy of Stand and the opportunity to provide an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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About the Author
Books are Becky Johnson’s passion and always have been. She used to get in trouble in school for reading during class!

Becky has Master’s degrees in social work and history, and for her day job she is a social worker. In her writing she tries to answer a question that is important to both social work and history: Why? She always wants to know why people do the things they do or feel the way they feel.

When not reading or writing she enjoys yoga, cooking, and makes a pretty mean chili!

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