15 November 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Movies I Plan to Watch Because of a Book

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 I think most people (or readers, I suppose) would agree, usually, the book is better than the movie. But if I've read the book, I want to see the movie. Even if it'll probably be really bad or completely ridiculous. I can't help it. So, without further ado, here are a few based-on-a-book movies I still need to watch.

The BFG, based on the Roald Dahl book: I remember reading this book back in elementary school (though I don't remember much of the actual story...), and I'm always up for a bit of nostalgia.
The Choice, based on the Nicholas Sparks book: I love a good romance, and while plenty of people would argue whether books by Nicholas Sparks really qualify as "good romance," I try not to skip any of his books or movies. Though, clearly, I'm a bit behind...

A December Bride, based on the Denise Hunter novella: I don't often watch Hallmark Channel movies, but I wouldn't dare missing the dramatization of one of Denise Hunter's romantic stories. I'm happily expecting some cheesy holiday goodness this weekend.
The 5th Wave, based on the Rick Yancey book: I don't read many books about alien invasions, so this one fascinated me. And I'm so intrigued to see how the action plays out on a screen.

The Light Between Oceans, based on the M.L. Stedman book: I liked this book well enough, but I think a stronger motivation for me wanting to see this movie is the main actors. I've really liked them in other movies I've seen, so I'm eager to see what they bring to this book's characters and emotional, dramatic story.
The Longest Ride, based on the Nicholas Sparks book: Of course, another Nicholas Sparks romance. This is one of my favorites by him, so I really should have watched it by now...

Me Before You, based on the Jojo Moyes book: This book made me laugh and cry and think, and I loved it. I just have to see how the story works as a movie. Plus, Sam Claflin.
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, based on the Ransom Riggs book: Okay, so I haven't actually read this book yet. But I've heard sooo many good things about it, and I'm hoping to read it really soon (before seeing the movie, of course).

Room, based on the Emma Donoghue book: I heard so much hype about this darkly imaginative book-and-movie combination that I finally read the book earlier this year. I really liked it, so now, I obviously need to watch the movie.
A Series of Unfortunate Events, based on the Lemony Snicket series: So, this is technically a series (releasing on Netflix in January 2017!), but still, I can't wait to watch it. I'm reading through the series right now, and I just love the opinionated narrator and the poor, poor Baudelaire orphans... 

Now, a bonus. A couple based-on-a-book movies I actually watch recently...

The Mistletoe Promise, because of The Mistletoe Inn: I haven't read The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans, but it's referenced in The Mistletoe Inn, which I did read, so I still had to watch it. My first official Hallmark Channel movie of the season, it's a cute and entertaining contractual romance.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, because of Pride and Prejudice: Well, I love Pride and Prejudice, so I couldn't resist finally watching this ridiculous but entertaining twist on the classic tale—and just in time for Halloween, too. I did have my doubts starting it, but it ended up being a lot of dark fun. Plus, I really loved how Matt Smith played Mr. Collins. (I don't think I'll ever actually read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies though.)

What movies have you watched because of a book? 


  1. I so want to watch A December Bride too! P&P&Z...not so much haha! My TTT

  2. LOVE your post this week - and cute graphics! :)

    Oddly enough - book nerd that I am, I tend to like the films just as well or better than the books. Perhaps because I appreciate or like the visualization? I don't know what it is. For example I adored The Choice - at least equally (maybe more) than the book.

    I'm a Hallmark movie junkie. ;) Loved P+P+Z. The hilarious plot and Matt Smith (plus everyone else) made it endlessly entertaining. Also, I did like the book.

    Other favorites: The 5th Wave (movie since I didn't read the book) and The Longest Ride (both). On my plan-to-see and read list are 'Miss Peregrine,' 'Oceans' and 'Before You.' :)

  3. Room the movie was SO GOOD- if you loved the book i really think you will enjoy the movie. I watched the movie first ( bad book blogger ; ) and immediately read the book after. Brie Larson deserves all of the awards.


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