08 September 2020

Seven Ways to Kill a King | Excerpt + Giveaway


She was born a princess. They made her an assassin.

One was an accident. Two a coincidence. By three, they would know. It would be harder, but I would avenge my mother’s death. These kings would pay that price.

Seven cities make up the Storm Queen’s Realm, each of their self-crowned, murderous kings are one of Princess Myrina’s marks. The treasonous curs may have banded together to share a stolen throne, but soon they will fall.

They thought her dead, killed in the massacre. They thought their rule secure, but Myrina of Stormskeep has awoken. With the help of her loyal bloodsworn, the shadow princess of will have her revenge.

For fans of The Witcher and Game of Thrones—a new princess set on vengeance is here to steal your heart.

Release Date: September 1, 2020


“What are you playing at, Miri? You know we’ll never get past the guards. We can’t just waltz into the nearest castle and—” He made a vague gesture Miri supposed meant kill a king then shrugged a shoulder. “We should return to Smithsport. You should get on that ship and sail to somewhere safe.”

Any grace he’d earned the night before was forgotten. Miri leaned close. “My sister is captive to those murderous kings. If you think, for one moment, I prize my safety over hers—” Her words cut off at his look, because Miri knew all too well the sacrifice Cass was willing to make. He’d only wanted to save her and make her see that the path she was taking would be the death of them all. “I release you from your duty,” she said.

Cass’s brow lowered dangerously.

“If you don’t want to help me, then go. It’s better to find out now and be done with it. I’m more than willing to do this alone.”

He shifted so near that his breath brushed her skin. His words were a quiet vow. “I do not answer to you, Princess. My duty is to the queen. Her word is my law.”

The way he’d said “princess” felt like a slap—like she was nothing and she had no control of what he would do.

He was right, and she knew it, and the notion made searing heat fill her chest. She wanted to roar like her sister and scream and tear. His eyes flicked over her face and caught the flare of her nostrils and the color in her cheeks. She hated him for it. She hated everything.

Her fingers curled into her palms, and voice cold, she said, “I have traveled the seven kingdoms since the year I was born. I know every palace. I know every route. I have insight and reason, and I’m good with a sword.” She knew those kings—the men who’d killed her mother—with a familiarity that hurt. Her eyes cut into Cass’s, and the room took on an eerie early-morning glow. “I will tell you what else, Cassius of Stormskeep. I will die with my hands covered in king’s blood. And I will die more satisfied than any fool who escapes to the sea.”

His jaw went tight at the way she’d said his name, but Cass only inclined his head. “As you say,” he whispered. His dark eyes grazed hers as he made to stand. “And so we ride into death together.”


Melissa is the author of more than a dozen young adult and fantasy novels and countless to-do lists. Her most popular titles are The Frey Saga and Descendants Series. She’s currently working on the next book, but when not writing can be spotted collecting the things she loves at Goodreads and Pinterest.


One winner will receive a copy of Seven Ways to Kill a King and a Crown (as pictured). If winner is outside the US, a $25 Amazon gift card will be sent instead.

Ends September 17, 2020

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