11 January 2023

Captive Set Free | Excerpt + Giveaway

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Have you been hurt? Are you hounded by turbulent feelings and looping thoughts? Do you know you need to forgive but aren’t sure where to begin?

Captive Set Free is a lamppost along the path of healing, offering engaging stories and examples, explaining how forgiveness fits into our spiritual DNA, and examining mindsets that make forgiving easier or harder. In this book, you’ll learn how to

– take concrete steps to forgive;

– be sure forgiveness has taken hold in your heart; and

– guard your spirit from bitterness, both now and in the future.

If you’re tired of being imprisoned by pain and toxicity and want to step into the free and abundant life Jesus has planned for His children, this book is for you.

Publisher: Green Sap Publications
Release Date: October 18, 2022


Perhaps we’ve repented, sought and received forgiveness, and tried to make amends. We may find it easy to be merciful to others but more difficult to have compassion on ourselves. We’re always aware of the sins we’ve committed, frozen in blocks of guilt that we cannot escape. Perhaps we don’t even want to be free, because remaining in prison is an effective way to punish ourselves. We deserve to suffer. We know it in our bones.

Such thinking is true—to an extent. We do deserve punishment for our sins. That’s the reason Jesus came to die for us on the cross. If we’re Christians, we’ve accepted the reality of our guilt and the need to pay for it. We’ve also embraced Jesus’ sacrifice; He has paid our debt, and we are free.

But now, faced with concrete examples of our sin, we’re mired in difficulty. We’re unable to let go of those former debts.

Though this mentality feels like a humble one, it communicates implicit pride. Through His death on the cross, Jesus Himself has forgiven our sins. The Bible reassures us of this repeatedly. If we refuse to forgive ourselves, we elevate our forgiveness above God’s. Though He has pardoned us, we won’t do the same for ourselves. We’re superior. We know better than God.

When we trace this line of thinking to its conclusion, our decision becomes much more clear cut. Talking myself down from the ledge of guilt gets easier when I ask a simple question: “Am I better than God?”


Valerie Limmer is a missionary in Japan. She is neither a therapist nor a theologian, but she has experienced severe abuse from a handful of people. In Captive Set Free, she shares the principles and techniques she’s learned in her own life on her journeys towards forgiveness.

Connect with Valerie by visiting valerielimmer.com to follow her on social media or subscribe to email newsletter updates.


(1) winner will receive a copy of Captive Set Free and a $25 Amazon gift card!

Full tour schedule linked below. The giveaway begins at midnight January 9, 2023 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on January 16, 2023. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US/CAN only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.



  1. I look forward to reading this.

  2. thanks for being on the tour! :)

  3. Sounds like an interesting read!

  4. This sounds very interesting

  5. im interested in reading this

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. If you end up reading Captive Set Free: How to Find Freedom Through Forgiving, please know that I would be honoured to talk with you about any questions that might crop up. After this week, I’ll probably check back here once or twice more, but after that the best way to reach me would be through the contact form on my website (valerielimmer.com). May you each experience Jesus’ peace and healing on your own journeys of forgiveness.


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