30 March 2015

Facing the Blitz: Three Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs by Jeff Kemp

In football, a blitz is an all-out attack, aiming to force the quarterback into a mistake and create mayhem and destruction. But by its nature, the blitz also creates an opportunity for the quarterback, as it leaves holes in the defense. What looks like the worst play can become the best play. 

During a life "blitz," when everything seems like it's collapsing – financially, relationally, spiritually, or physically – if you take initiative you can do more than just survive. You can grow, succeed, and advance. In Facing the Blitz, Jeff shares lessons he's learned through all kinds of life blitzes, both personal and professional. He teaches how life is about transformation and being others-oriented, and how having the right mindset can turn unnecessary fear and misery into courage, growth, and joy.

Jeff Kemp’s Facing the Blitz: Three Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs provides accessible and relevant methods of dealing with the unexpected challenges, problems and difficulties life never fails to provide. This inspirational book is definitely another one that overuses one of its title words (“blitz”), but looking past that, the material it offers is beneficial and useful to readers at any stage of life (even those who do not like football). Kemp uses examples from his life, on and off the football field, as well as those of his friends and family, and I greatly appreciated his perspective. Overall, Facing the Blitz is encouraging and uplifting, a great reminder of how to traverse life’s challenges, taking the bad with the good.

Thanks to Bethany House, I received a copy of Facing the Blitz and the opportunity to provide an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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