10 May 2019

Across the Bridge | Excerpt + Giveaway


When Marcella Seppa meets her new tenant, widower Drew Smith, a spark ignites, but she won’t consider dating him. She doesn’t want his son, AJ, to experience the hurt she felt when her dad remarried shortly after her mom died. Her faith unraveled, and she threw herself into exercise and gardening instead of forming trusting relationships.

When Drew finds out he may not be AJ’s biological father, his first instinct is to leave Copper Island, but he wants to find out the truth. He seeks out Marcella’s support.

Is it possible their friendship could become more? But how would that affect AJ? Could love help make peace with the past?

Publisher: The Christmas Tree House
Release Date: November 4, 2018



“Dad, do you know what pigs and heat are?” Andy fiddled with a piece of paper.

Parenting win, Drew thought. He’d gotten through the sex talk, and now Andy was coming to him with more questions. “Well, when pig farmers are ready to breed more pigs, they need to wait for the sow to be in heat. That means she’s ready to get pregnant, and then they bring in a boy pig. I shouldn’t say boy pig. We talked about that. Wait until you’re a man, and married. But pigs don’t get married, so the farmer selects a man pig. A boar, whatever. Anyhow—”

Andy stared at Drew with a look of befuddlement. “No, Pigs-n-Heat is a hockey game. You know who the pigs are and who the heat are?”

“Oh, the cops and firefighters?”

“Yeah, there’s a game this weekend. Danny’s playing. The kids at school said he’s really good.”

“Of course he is.”

Andy held up a flyer. “Can we go?”

Drew let out a deep breath. “I don’t know.”

Andy crossed his arms. “So, you’re never going to let me see him again?”

“I didn’t say that.” He’d been trying his best to avoid the issue.

“We stopped going to Pinehurst. You won’t let me go to Trailblazers anymore.”

“I’m looking out for your best interests.”

“But you haven’t asked me what I’m interested in. You never asked me. You treat me like a kid.”

“You’re ten.”

“I’m almost eleven.”

“Okay, you’re eleven, but I’m the adult here, and I’m worried about you.”

“You’re worried about me? Or are you worried about you?” Andy stared him down.

“Fine, we can go.”


Kristin Neva grew up in an old farmhouse on Copper Island in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula where the hard-working, rugged residents persevere through harsh winter weather, sustained by friendship and family, surrounded by natural beauty. As an adult, she lived in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas for seventeen years before returning to the her hometown with her husband and two children.

Kristin’s first book, Heavy, co-authored with her husband, Todd, journeys through the first year after Todd’s ALS diagnosis as the Nevas struggle to find meaning, hold on to faith, and discover joy in the midst of pain.

It is this life experience that brings authenticity to Kristin’s fictional works as she explores themes of love, loss, and faith on Copper Island. Her quirky characters are endearing and wholesome. But they are also full of healthy grit, humor, flaws, and appetites.


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  1. This book sounds like a fascinating read.

  2. I like reading excerpts to help get a feel for the author's writing style.