09 August 2019

Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It | First Line Friday + The Friday 56

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Happy Friday!

August has been quite the busy month so far, which means I haven't had a whole lot of reading-for-fun time. But today, I take my last final for the summer semester and have two weeks of freedom before the fall one starts (yay!). I intend to get plenty of reading done, including this YA book from Kerry Winfrey (author of Waiting for Tom Hanks), which I started last week.

First Line: Sometimes I think my parents named me Jolie as a joke.

From Page 56: HE KNOWS MY NAME.


Jolie’s a lot of things, but she knows that pretty isn’t one of them.

She has mandibular prognathism, which is the medical term for underbite. Chewing is a pain, headaches are a common occurrence, and she’s never been kissed. She’s months out from having a procedure to correct her underbite, and she cannot wait to be fixed.

Jolie becomes paralyzed with the fear that she could die under the knife. She and her best friends, Evelyn and Derek, decide to make a “Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It (Which Is Super Unlikely, but Still, It Could Happen)” list. Things like: eat every appetizer on the Applebee’s menu and kiss her crush Noah Reed.

But since when did everything ever go exactly to plan?

Filled with humor, heart--and an honest look at today’s beauty standards--Jolie’s journey is a true feel-good story. 

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  1. Oh, I can relate to her fear of "going under the knife." This one sounds good. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “MY EX-LIFE”

  2. Sounds like a fun book about a unique character - perfect for a summer read! Thanks for sharing - sounds like a book I'd really enjoy :)

  3. Great opening!! Intriguing 56!!! Happy weekend!

  4. Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing the first lines from Light From Distant Stars by Shawn Smucker: "Cohen Marah clears his throat quietly, more out of discomfort than the presence of any particular thing that needs clearing, and attempts to step over the body for a second time."


  5. That's an intriguing concept, and a great cover.

    I’m sharing the first line from Catherine West’s latest book over on my blog, As the Light Fades. I know we’re not supposed to judge books by the cover, but this has a great cover and I’m itching to get into it.

    Happy reading!

  6. Books like this always make me think how fun they would be as movies:)

  7. Happy Saturday!
    Yesterday on my blog I shared the first couple of lines from A Daring Venture by Elizabeth Camden: https://christianfictiongirl.blog/2019/08/08/first-line-friday/. Currently, I am reading The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken. I'll share a line from there.

    "A thick cloud of dust hovered on the top of the hill just outside the Bates estate."

    Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂💜📚

  8. Happy Weekend! My first line is from "Choose Me" by Marion Ueckermann:

    "Today of all days, Julia Delpont needed to forget about the world."

  9. A great opening line! The book sounds like a fun read. :)

    I’m sharing on my blog the first line from Starting Anew by Melanie D. Snitker.

    Lynn Crosby sat up in bed, unsure of what actually woke her up.