09 November 2020

History Village: Time to Shine | Guest Post + Giveaway


Ally, Josh and Brendan are half siblings living in Australia who have a difficult situation to face at School and at home. They have a special interest in the past as they have previously embarked on two time-travelling adventures with God's divine help.

Once again they embark on their latest time-travelling adventure into first century, ancient Syria. On the road to Damascus the children meet the frightening Commander who is on a mission to find and punish anyone who disagrees with his religious views. The children must quickly learn who can be trusted in this dystopian Village as they push back against the darkness and look for the truth. In time, the children learn that ordinary people with extraordinary faith in God can have a monumental impact throughout the generations.

With the help of biblical heroes of old, this coming of age story will help young people discover their own unique purpose and mission in life. If you enjoy action-packed, suspenseful drama enveloped in cultural history, you are going to love "Time to Shine".

Release Date: September 10, 2020



Ally, Josh and Brendan are half-siblings living in Melbourne, Australia, who have supernaturally unlocked the secret to time travel. It all started last year with a family outing to a local cafe where God left some instructions for the children on a scroll, hidden away in the cavity of an abandoned church. Since then, the children have travelled to two earlier centuries and stayed in historical villages in the Middle East. Through these incredible adventures, the children learn about God’s enduring love for them in the midst of challenging circumstances they face related to family strife, bullying at school, and self-esteem issues.

The History Village series allow Jesus to boldly speak to today’s youth on contemporary problems, encouraging the listener to “get into” the Bible and look to Jesus for help in times of trouble.


Jo Elliott was born in Melbourne Australia, to Greek parents and has resided in the world's greatest city all her life. She left a career in industrial relations to pursue her greatest love which is introducing children to God's word. Joanna is married to Phillip Elliott, a devoted writer of fiction, and together they have traveled the world, opening their minds and their hearts to new peoples and languages. When she's not plotting her next teen book, Jo is trying to learn Italian, and is tinkering with an old family piano (which requires urgent tuning!)


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  1. Time travel is fascinating to me and when an author gets it right, I love the book.

  2. I like time travel stories because you can compare the two time periods featured in the book.

  3. Hi Hallie,
    Thank you for featuring “History Village:Time To Shine” in your blog! I’ve always enjoyed time-travelling tales, so I’m glad this subject resonates with your readers:) Thanks again for helping me promote my book. It all looks fantastic!!!

  4. I do like Time Travel books. They take away from the reality of the moment for me.
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