11 October 2021

The Billionaire's Secret | Excerpt + Giveaway


He’s a billionaire hiding a devastating diagnosis. She’ll do whatever it takes to help her sick, matchmaking mom. A freak accident throws them together, but will his big secret tear them apart?

When Ryan Lawson’s business partners force him to go on a wilderness retreat to come to terms with a shocking diagnosis, the last thing on Ryan’s mind is romance. But when he’s stranded in the woods with a sweet young event planner, all thoughts of business take a back seat to her girl-next-door appeal.

Fresh off a bad breakup, Zara Georgopoulos comes to Vermont to help her terminally ill mom work through her bucket list—not fall in love with a man who’s the exact opposite of her usual type. But when Ryan starts working his way into her heart with his kindness and generosity, she needs to make a decision: Trust the biotech billionaire not to walk all over her, or go back to guarding her heart.

Stuck in the wilds of Vermont, they forge a tenuous connection. When Ryan finally shares the truth about his illness, will it bring them closer together . . . or shatter Zara’s trust in him for good?

Inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:9, The Billionaire’s Secret is a sweet inspirational romance with a swoony hero, LOTS of entertaining banter, and a strong Christian message. Download your copy today!

Release Date: October 11, 2021


There was some rustling in the trees behind them. Zara tensed up.

Ryan must have felt it because he put his hand on her knee, and the warmth of his touch soaked through her jeans. It was steadying, comforting, and she had to remind herself that there was nothing romantic about the gesture—he’d already made it clear he wasn’t interested in having a relationship with her.

“It’s probably just a squirrel or a mouse,” he said.

“I caught a mouse in a cup once, in my dorm room at college.”

He gave her an odd look. “What?”

“We had mice. It was gross. I was always scared they were going to run on top of me when I was sleeping.”

“And you caught one in a cup?”

“I chased it around my room with an umbrella until it got tired, then I trapped it under a cup.”

“Ugh.” He gave a mock shudder.

“I made my boyfriend at the time get rid of it. He slid some cardboard underneath the cup so he could pick it up and set the mouse free outside.”

“Where’d you go to college?”


“Note to self: Don’t send the kids to Tufts.”

She frowned. “I thought you said you don’t have kids?”

“Sorry. I meant my hypothetical future children.”

She smiled. “Oh, those kids. Whatever, Mr. I-Have-a-Bachelor-of-Science-in-Biomedical-Engineering. Like you didn’t have mice at MIT.”

“We had plenty of mice. Lab mice. Not mice who’d attack you in your sleep.”


Meghann Whistler writes sweet Christian romance novels that won’t make your grandmother blush.

Her debut novel, Falling for the Innkeeper, was a #1 bestseller in the Clean & Wholesome Romance category on Amazon.ca. It was also named one of “Six Sensational 2020 Debut Series Romances” by the American Library Association’s Booklist Reader, and is currently a finalist for the 2021 Book Buyers Best award.

Before settling down with her rocket scientist husband and raising three rambunctious boys, Meghann earned a B.A. in English from Amherst College and an M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College.

She is grateful to be living her dream of writing sweet, hopeful stories that demonstrate the power of love and grace.


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