15 October 2021

The Society of the Watchers | Excerpt + Giveaway


The beasts came and destroyed our world. Kilhaven's founders defended themselves, and for the past 150 years, the walls of this small village, where Jarvis Graye lives, have kept them out. This fall, though, something feels different. 13 year-old Jarvis is living his usual life, dreading school, cleaning up after pigeons at his courier apprenticeship, and trying not to humiliate himself in archery class. At least he’s got his best friend, and there's even an interesting new girl around. But... the strange noises, the dead deer, now the missing boy – the clues are there that something sinister is afoot. Jarvis suspects his weird neighbor is to blame. But first, he must find proof. With Jarvis’s life and the safety of the village on the line, he and his friends race to uncover the truth and stop the one who is behind it all.

Publisher: Scott Keen Books
Release Date: July 24, 2021


The room turned eerily quiet as the three of them studied the unsettling sketches even closer. The beast’s fur was black, and its eyes were narrow. Though it was just a picture, the pupils seemed to be filled with malice. The nose was flat, snout-less, and appeared more like a man’s than that of an animal’s. The teeth were long, protruding out of the mouth, and its hair appeared to be bristled and matted. Jarvis got goosebumps just by looking at the drawing.

“It’s a little too real-seeming,” said Jarvis, breaking the silence.

“I’ve been drawing them for a couple of years. These are some of my recent ones.” Grim pointed to several drawings that hung above his bed. “My dad knows a lot about animals. He helped me get some of the features proportionate. They’re probably my best ones.”

From downstairs, Jarvis heard the faint sound of a door clicking shut. He glanced at Aron, who apparently had heard it as well.

“It sounds like someone’s home,” said Jarvis.

“Oh, that’s probably my dad,” said Grim. “He’s probably getting ready for the meeting.”

“Really?” said Nan, pretending she had never heard of it. “What meeting is it?”

Grim bit his lip as if he had said too much. He shook his head and avoided Jarvis and Aron’s gaze.

“It’s nothing,” mumbled Grim.

For a brief second, it felt as if an awkward silence was about to overtake the room. Until Aron spoke up.

“It’s not nothing,” laughed Aron. “Don’t be shy, Grim. We all know about the spoo…” Aron stopped himself, gulped, and then cleared his throat. “The Society of the Watchers. No need to be ashamed.”


Scott Keen is married and has five daughters. He graduated in 2006 with a Master of Fine Arts in Script & Screenwriting. He is also the author of three young adult novels: Scar of the Downers, Rise of the Branded, and War of the Downer King. He currently lives in New York.


Three winners will receive a copy of The Society of the Watchers (print if US, ebook if international)

Ends October 20, 2021


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