01 December 2021

The Sherwood Proof | Excerpt + Giveaway


Lily Sparrow has finally created an equation for being a good princess. Things are adding up and making sense, and she’s even growing a measurable amount more excited about her future. But unexpected variables keep being tossed into her equation:

1. Carole Claus is facing her first hurdle as Santa. She needs Lily’s help.
2. Lily’s Half-Birthday--an important Smythian tradition--is coming up, requiring her to find time to prepare for it.
3. Her algebra teacher has an unusual (and stressful plan) for Lily.
4. Lily remains convinced that her mom is hiding something from her.
5. The investigation into the traitor is an on-going source of stress and tension at work for Lily and Calo.
6. Oh, and Calo’s still betrothed to Su’Sauna, making life difficult and confusing all around.

Will Lily be able to place these variables securely in her equation? Will the Sparrow family find a way to convince their critics they are good for the Kingdom? Or will everything fall apart--subtracting all the good will Lily has already earned from her citizens?

Release Date: November 23, 2021



“Lily, who is Mr. Hunt?” Dad interrupted me.

“Um, my Algebra teacher. Why?” Had Mr. Hunt contacted my parents about the math tutoring thing?

“Blaire tells me he’s called the house four times over the last month, trying to set up a parent/teacher conference.” (1)

“Really?” I tried to subtract the nervousness from my voice.

Mom nodded. “I called him back, but I couldn’t make anything work with your father’s schedule until next Friday. Delois had to move a CART meeting for your father, and I will have to find another time to go over the social calendar with Macon, but we finally made it work.” She sipped her iced tea. “And it’s a family conference, not just a parent/teacher conference. You’ll have to be there too, Lily.” (2)

“Really?” I asked again.

“Yes.” Mom nodded. “He wants to meet with the whole family.”

“The whole family? As in—”

“Yes. I told him I would be bringing my new husband as well.”

“New husband?” Dad echoed.

Mom sighed. “It’s not meant to be offensive, Matt. It’s just the best way to explain everything.”

“The truth also makes a nice explanation,” Dad mumbled.

Mom ignored him. “Anyway, Lily, we’ll need to let Eric know you’ll be staying late after school on Friday. He’ll have to adjust his own schedule.”

“You told him you got married?” I asked, shocked. “I thought we were keeping it a secret.”

“It’s not a secret.” Dad sounded annoyed. “And I’m not her new husband.”


“But won’t Mr. Hunt think it’s weird Dad is there? If he really was your new husband, would he have anything to do with my education anyway?”

“But I’m not her new husband. I’m her old husband, or her same husband.” Dad shook his head. “The point is I am your father, which makes me a parent, so I am going to this parent/teacher conference.”

“Family conference,” Mom amended. “We’re all going.”

(1) Blaire is one of the Seven Dwarfs. She mostly works at our house in OtherWorld as a housekeeper. She has the amazing ability to mimic anyone’s voice perfectly, so she will often answer phone calls as my mother.
(2) Delois is my father’s secretary. CART (the Committee for the Appropriate Reclassification of Title) existed to decide if the name of the kingdom (E. G. Smythe’s Salty Fire Land) was too long and could be shortened in any way. The Committee had been formed 915 years ago just after the Five Venerable Elders had met to approve the union of the kingdom. So basically, since its beginning, the name has always been debated. The members of the committee had still not found a solution. In fact, the only official action to come from the committee was 723 years ago, when they officially adopted as the kingdom’s nickname, Smythe’s SFL, which the populace had already been using all along. They had come close to presenting the king with alternatives through the years, but since their by-laws mandated they had to be unanimous in their choice, nothing had happened. And since a new name could not come to a vote of the populace without first being presented and approved by the ruling monarch, the Committee had literally been sitting for 915 years without getting anything done.

Kristee Ravan lives in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter, and pet fish, Val (short for Valentine). She wanted to be many things as she grew up including a general, an artist, and an architect. But she never bothered to say, "I want to be a writer when I grow up." She was always writing stories and thought of herself as a writer anyway. She sent her first story to a publisher in the sixth grade. (It was rejected - in a nice way.) When she is not making up stories in her head, she enjoys reading, juggling, green smoothies, playing dollhouse with her daughter, and hearing from her fans. You can contact Kristee at the Facebook page for her Lily Sparrow books: The Lily Sparrow Chronicles.


Three winners will receive a print copy of The Sherwood Proof (US only)

Ends December 15, 2021



  1. Thanks for hosting The Sherwood Proof on your blog! ~~Kristee Ravan

  2. The book sounds like a fun read, and I really like the green cover.