06 September 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows I've Briefly Stopped Reading in Order to Watch Recently

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I no longer watch TV as often and obsessively as I did a couple years ago and instead spend most of my free time reading. But there are still a handful of shows that will make me put my book down.

American Horror Story
After binge-watching the first season of American Horror Story a couple years agothe creepy trailers for the upcoming sixth season have a roommate and me renewing our interest in the show's other seasons. It's weird and entertaining and so, so addictive.

The Big Bang Theory
This show is just too funny not to watch, and though I haven't yet watched the most recent couple seasons, I'm currently working on remedying that. The Big Bang Theory will always be one of my favorite shows.

Well, Doctor Who is on the list more wishfully than factually. I haven't really watched since Peter Capaldi became the Doctor, but I fully intend to catch up in the very near future. I'm too much of a nerd not to be up-to-date with this show for very long.

This year, The Family is one of the few shows I watched each week as it aired. With pizza in hand, my roommates and I guessed at what would happen next for the messed-up and secret-keeping Warren family. It was so intriguing I'm disappointed there won't be a second season.

Fuller House
Oh, the nostalgia. I'm pretty sure, like so many other fans of Full House, my roommates and I binge-watched the full season of Fuller House the weekend it hit Netflix. So very cheesy, but still so very wonderful. I can't wait for the next season.

Riding on the 90s nostalgia of Fuller House, a roommate and I discovered the cheesy Disney goodness of Girl Meets World. Sure, it doesn't quite compare to Boy Meets World, but each time Netflix adds a new season, we watch it. It genuinely makes me laugh, and I just love it.

A witty crime drama with a healthy dose of ridiculous, Psych is hard to resist binge-watching on Netflix now and then. Like The Big Bang Theory, it will always be one of my favorites.

Though her judgment in romantic relationships is often questionable, Olivia Pope rocks. All of the political manipulation boggles my mind and kept my roommates and me watching Scandal weekly earlier this year. (By now it's clear I mostly watch TV with my roommates...) I'm eager for it to come back next year.

The inclusion of Stranger Things should come as no surprise, since it seems like everyone's talking about it right now - but for good reason, because this show is really, really good - strange and funny and good. My roommate and I definitely binge-watched all eight episodes in under 24 hours.

"Vikings" should be enough said for this one. That's pretty much why a roommate and I started watching the show, and that's why we keep watching it week after week. I cannot wait for new episodes to start airing again.

Now, let me know: what TV shows can make you put down the book?


  1. Scandal! Such a well-named series.

    1. It really, really is!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. love Psych! And Big Bang! LOL and I adore the title of your post :) My TTT