16 November 2018

The Friday 56 & First Line Friday | A Cowboy's Christmas Proposal

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Happy Friday!

This week, I'm in the middle of reading this holiday story from Cathy McDavid, and it is so fun so far. So, enjoy the peek—and if you want to enter a giveaway, hop over to my review-coming-soon post, too!

First Line: Hearing what sounded like a hammer banging against metal, Molly O'Malley tossed the covers aside and sat bolt upright.

From Page 56: She'd purposefully avoided answering his question. Owen was curious why but didn't press her.

At a magical time of year…

Can a cowboy help falling in love?

For single dad Owen Caufield, living and working at Sweetheart Ranch for a month is the perfect change of pace. While the cowboy turned wedding officiant can now spend more time with his children, Molly O’Malley, his new boss, is less thrilled. A wedding ranch isn’t the best place for three rambunctious youngsters. But amid the chaos—and the coming holidays—it may be the best place to fall in love…

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  1. This one sounds sweet. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine:

  2. That does sound like a great romance. I like it when there are children in the story. This week I am featuring Lies Sleeping by Ben Aaronovitch - an urban fantasy from my review stack. Happy reading!

  3. Happy Friday! My first line is from “This Courageous Journey” by Misty M. Beller:

    “Today, we left the train – forever, if my aching limbs could decide the matter.”

  4. Happy Friday. 😃

    Today on my blog, I am sharing the first line from Gone Too Soon my Melody Carlson. So far, I am enjoying the book. I'm just starting chapter 4 in Gone Too Soon, so I will share it's first line here.

    "I don't think anyone observed me sneak out the backdoor."

    Hope you have an excellent weekend! 📚💜

  5. Happy Friday!

    Today, my first lines come from A Vineyard Christmas by Jean Stone...

    The turnout was better than Annie had expected. It was, after all, a bitter, see-your-breath kind of morning, with a brisk December wind whirling around Vineyard Sound.

    Have an awesome weekend and stay warm!😊💕

  6. What a cute cover!

    I am sharing the first sentence from the book Susie (Ray Rhodes, Jr), on my blog.
    I am on chapter six so I'll share its first line here.

    Before their first wedding anniversary, Susie and Charles faced a challenge that threatened to undo them.

  7. Happy Friday! On my blog this week I shared the first line of Searching for You by Jody Hedlund but it's also my current read so I'll share the first line from my current chapter (8) here: " Sophie stretched and yawned, relishing the scent of bacon and coffee and something sweet." I'm good for the bacon but I have to admit I don't like coffee OR the smell of it (yes, I know I'm the odd-ball lol). Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Nice to see holiday books out now! Happy weekend!

  9. This sounds like a lovely romance.