19 March 2024

books on my spring tbr | top ten tuesday

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happy tuesday!

i'm ready for spring—and some spring reading!

belladonna by adalyn grace

"Signa’s best chance of uncovering the murderer is an alliance with Death himself, a fascinating, dangerous shadow who has never been far from her side. Though he’s made her life a living hell, Death shows Signa that their growing connection may be more powerful—and more irresistible—than she ever dared imagine."

the berlin letters by katherine reay

"From the time she was a young girl, Luisa Voekler has loved solving puzzles and cracking codes. Brilliant and logical, she’s expected to quickly climb the career ladder at the CIA. But while her coworkers have moved on to thrilling Cold War assignments—especially in the exhilarating era of the late 1980s—Luisa’s work remains stuck in the past decoding messages from World War II."

iona iverson's rules for commuting by clare pooley

"Every day Iona, a larger-than-life magazine advice columnist, travels the ten stops from Hampton Court to Waterloo Station by train, accompanied by her dog, Lulu. Every day she sees the same people, whom she knows only by nickname: Impossibly-Pretty-Bookworm and Terribly-Lonely-Teenager. Of course, they never speak. Seasoned commuters never do."

a lady's guide to marvels and misadventure by angela bell

"Miss Clara Marie Stanton's family may be eccentric, but they certainly aren't insane."

listen for the lie by amy tintera

"What if you thought you murdered your best friend? And if everyone else thought so too? And what if the truth doesn't matter?"

murder road by simone st. james

"A young couple find themselves haunted by a string of gruesome murders committed along an old deserted road in this terrifying new novel."

a murderous relation by deanna raybourn

"Veronica Speedwell and her natural historian colleague Stoker are asked by Lady Wellingtonia Beauclerk to help with a potential scandal so explosive it threatens to rock the monarchy."

a noble scheme by roseanna m. white

"Christy Award-winning author Roseanna M. White whisks you away to Edwardian-era England in an exhilarating tale of glamor, intrigue, and romance set among high society's most elite--and most dangerous--families."

picture-perfect boyfriend by becky dean

"Filled with warm summer breezes and salty sea air, Becky Dean’s Picture-Perfect Boyfriend will sweep you off your feet into a tropical paradise, sun on your shoulders—where love is just around a palm tree."

the radiance of the moon by ashley worrell

"The year is 1383, and the Wolf of Badenoch has conducted a terroristic campaign across the highlands to increase his wealth and land holdings. Now he's turned his sights from Scotland to the Kingdom of the Isles. Seeking to keep the Wolf’s superior fighting forces out of his island nation, the King of the Isles turns to Chieftain Hector MacLean for help."

what books are on your spring tbr?


  1. The Berlin book sounds interesting, and I love that cover for Rules for Commuting! My list is here.

  2. I hope you enjoy all of them!

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.


  3. I loved Murder Road. It was intensely and creepily good.

  4. The Berlin Letters is my #1 read for 2024. It's that good. I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Happy spring! I hope you love them all.