13 March 2024

the burning of rosemont abbey | can't wait wednesday

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happy wednesday!

i love a good mystery like the ones agatha christie wrote.

the burning of rosemont abbey by naomi stephens

expected publication date: october 15, 2024

about the book

1956: In the quiet village of Wilbeth Green, the smoldering ruins of Rosemont Abbey set the residents' tongues wagging, and everyone is quick to accuse troublemaker Paul Everly of being the arsonist. Paul has vanished without a trace, leaving only his twin sister, Louisa, certain of his innocence. Fueling her conviction is an inexplicable connection--she felt her twin's death an hour before the abbey went up in flames.

Knowing no one will believe her, Louisa embarks on her own investigation, challenging the skepticism of her neighbors and the disdain of her aunt and uncle. Even Inspector Malcolm Sinclair, once Paul's closest friend, is torn between his duty and a lingering loyalty to Paul and warns Louisa to abandon her pursuit. But Louisa is determined to solve a murder no one else believes was committed, even if it means unraveling secrets that could shake Wilbeth Green to its core.

Award-winning author Naomi Stephens presents a gripping whodunnit--reminiscent of the beloved Agatha Christie tales--of love and redemption set in a quaint British village.

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  1. Hope you enjoy this one. Love the sound of the setting.

  2. I do enjoy a good mystery! This sounds like it will be a good one. I hope you enjoy it, Hallie!