20 February 2020

Three on Thursday | Quick Reviews

Saints by Addison D. Bevere

Austin Bevere explores what it means to be a saint, a word commonly used to describe followers of Christ in the New Testament. It is a word with a rich meaning and context—not the perfection and elitism often ascribed to it today—and it offers an incredible invitation toward understanding God-given purpose, identity, and love more fully. A challenging, insightful, uplifting, wise exploration, this book left me full of hope and with a lot to ponder.

In Want + Plenty by Meredith McDaniel

Meredith McDaniel’s book takes readers on a journey with the Israelites in the desert, relying on and trusting in God’s provision. It is not always easy to depend on Him and recognize this provision, taking unwanted or unexpected forms, and yet, it can be incredibly beneficial to do so. It felt freeing to read McDaniel’s words of reminder and encouragement and delve into the deeper considerations she prompts. For me, it definitely proved a worthwhile read.

Managing Worry and Anxiety by Jean Holthaus

Therapist Jean Holthaus blends her expertise, research, and faith to deliver exactly what the cover promises: practical tools for dealing with worry and anxiety. She writes in an easy-to-read way meant to heighten understanding and facilitate application. As I read, everything she explains felt useful and relevant. I had a lot to consider as I finished, and I intend to revisit this book in the future. It is easy to recommend this book to readers struggling with worry and anxiety, as well as those simply hoping to understand the issues better.

I received complimentary copies of these books and the opportunity to provide honest reviews. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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