23 July 2018

One December | Spotlight & Guest Post

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Nikki has loved Mike for as long as she can remember (as early as age seven!). Mike has his own past hurts to resolve, having lost both parents in an accident when he was fourteen. He’s tried to escape those painful memories by leaving New York and starting a new life on the West Coast. New facts indicate, years later, that his parents’ deaths might not have been an accident.

At Christmas Mike comes back to New York for the first time in three years. He and Nikki rekindle the friendship they had as children and share their newfound faith. Under a Christmas moon romantic sparks fly . . . but their mutual attraction takes an unexpected detour.

Nikki is devastated, believing her one chance for a relationship with Mike is over. She impulsively takes a one-year teaching opportunity in Paris, so that she can face her own fears and get over Mike.

If Mike and Nikki run away, how can they find each other again?

Publisher: Monceau Publishing
Release Date: February 10, 2018


The idea for One December dwelled in my mind for probably a couple of years before I actually wrote the book. I was intrigued by the idea of a character who loved someone from an early age with feelings that never really disappeared, even though at the age of six or seven this might be something closer to infatuation or what we call “puppy love”. For most of us, these early attractions fade away as a normal phase of our lives. Not so, in Nikki’s case. Life takes Mike and Nikki in different directions for a while, and as the book opens she hasn’t seen him in three years, but still feels something for him.

The book takes a turn when Nikki goes to Paris for a year teaching assignment. As glamorous as this might seem to many of us, it is terrifying for her. She knows that she needs to step out and take this challenge in order to grow as a person and develop her faith. I was able to infuse my own experiences living in France for a number of years into Nikki’s story, including those early adjustments and cultural differences. She is on a quest to conquer fears in herself. Paris, France is the context where she does this.

Although another of my books, Prodigals in Provence, takes place in Provence, France, not all of my books occur overseas. An upcoming book, Circle Back Around, takes place in a fictional city in North Carolina. I am drawn to the idea that as we change cities, countries, or situations, we open the door to a whole new set of opportunities, relationships, and growth opportunities. I hope readers will take a vicarious journey with one of my characters, joining them as they live out their story!


I love to read and write stories about strong women who still have flaws, but are ready to pursue their dreams, even if it takes them out of their comfort zone . . . or their country.

I write inspirational romance novels and women’s fiction with a twist: My characters sometimes go places. This led me to create the Love on the Move collection of novels. Readers can take a trip with them and experience their journeys. They can see how the characters’ lives unfold as they make decisions to trust God (or not) in their next steps, learning about themselves and their faith, and finding love along the way!

I currently live in North Carolina but spent over a decade in France (where some of my books take place.) I also write non-fiction and teach French. In my free time, I enjoy doing pottery and salsa dancing.


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  1. Sounds like a good book.

  2. Congrats on the new book!

  3. That guest post was really great. I love guest posts because it's always interesting to read what authors have to say, no matter about what topic. :)

  4. The post does not pull me in, convince me to read the book, but when the author talked about readers taking a trip within the book my interest piqued. This is why I read most books I read.

  5. I enjoyed reading the Guest Post! How fun to live abroad.