31 December 2018

Reading Challenges | 2019 Plan

Tomorrow is 2019, which means it's time to think about reading challenges!

I get so excited at the start of a new reading year. With so many new reading challenges, there are so many possibilities, and my ambition gets a little out of hand. 

This year, in addition to setting my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 365 books, I hope to participate in (and post monthly updates for) the following reading challenges:

(I want to read at least 100 backlist books.)

(I want to complete all 24 prompts.)

(I want to make at least five connections.)

(I want to read a book for each letter.)

(I want to complete all ten prompts.)

(I want to reach Mt. Everest.)

(I want complete all 50 prompts.)

(I want to complete all 24 prompts.)

Will you be participating in reading challenges in 2019? If so, which ones?

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