03 August 2018

Kingdom Come Series | Spotlight & Review

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Angels are real.
So are demons.

Shady Creek gets a whole lot scarier after Julia learns she's part angel, especially since the only person she can trust is an angel who's as infuriating as he is attractive.

Julia received a necklace containing the songs of the angels from her dad when she was four. When she was eleven, he abandoned her family and the necklace went silent. At seventeen, Julia's doing everything she can to maintain security for her family, but now her necklace seems to have come to life once again. And that's not all that's changing.

When a robber attempts to steal from their diner, the necklace blazes and burns her chest. Pain in her back is nearly unbearable as the thief transforms before her eyes... into something demonic.

Demon after demon threaten Julia's home, family, and friends, and she realizes there may have been something more behind her dad's disappearance. And now there may be something--or someone--dangerous after her.

Julia has to accept that she is not quite human. Will her infuriating but attractive Guardian Angel be able to prepare her for the battle to come?

Release Date: January 4, 2017

If only humans knew about the invisible dangers lurking around them...

Unable to confide in anyone about her double life of being both human and angel, and fearful she'll bring more death and destruction to those she loves, Julia pulls away from her family and best friend.

When demons once again start to show up at every turn, seemingly bringing about her brother's deepening depression, she demands her sword from Nicholas. Ever the stern Guardian Angel, he forbids her from using a weapon. Sick of fighting with Nicholas and confused about her feelings for him, Julia takes protecting her brother into her own hands as best she can.

But when demons are suddenly able to siphon souls from the living, ash-colored lines begin to appear on humans, lines of demonic poison that travel through their veins toward their hearts and alter their moods. Julia is in more danger than she ever imagined possible. To stop evil from spreading and overtaking those she loves, she'll have to seek out the one person she mistrusts most - her father - especially when a line appears on her own arm.

Enter a complex world where humans, demons, and angels collide, all battling to rule the Earth.

Release Date: May 31, 2017

Hell is nothing like Julia imagined and beyond everything she feared.

The little town of Shady Creek is under attack by Lucifer and his demons. To save the people she loves, human-angel Hybrid Julia must rescue their kidnapped Guardian Angels, even when it means defying her father.

Trouble is, he knows only too much about Hell's perils. When a demon sucks Julia into a cosmic vacuum, the experience leaves an indelible blight she dares not mention for fear of losing her place on the angelic rescue team.

As a growing demon army surrounds Shady Creek, Julia's feelings for her own Guardian become all too real and dangerous. But the cosmic imbalance fueled by Hybrid Angels, Rogue Guardians and Warriors is already depleting the strength of the rescue team. And there's no room for distraction when the mission is to get into Hell--and out again.

For the sake of the mission, Julia must face the truth of the Hybrids' existence. Because nobody will be safe unless she can trust the gift of free will--for others and for herself--in this end-of-the-world finale to The Legend of Shady Creek Trilogy.

Release Date: July 27, 2018



A fun series to binge-read, Cecelia Earl’s Kingdom Come series builds to a conclusion of epic proportions, satisfying every desire I had for Julia’s story in the final installment, When Fire Rains Down. The story twists and turns with great surprise and adventure, and I can’t say too much more for the risk of letting a few spoilers loose. At times, it does progress slowly, but still never failed to keep my interest—as I’m sure it will for readers who enjoy spiritual fantasy, too. Check out When Fire Rains Down and the rest of the Kingdom Come books (they definitely should be read in order).


Thanks to JustRead Tours, I received a complimentary copy of When Fire Rains Down and the opportunity to provide an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own.


Cecelia Earl graduated with a degree in education and has been teaching ever since. She’s a wife, a mom of three boys, and an owner of a magical laundry pile that never stops growing. She lives near enough to Green Bay, WI that her refrigerator is always stocked with cheese, and the first colors her children learned were green and gold.

She’s a first grade teacher in a Catholic school by day, a mom always, and a writer in her sleep, but that’s okay because being an author is a dream come true. She writes angel fantasy books for young and youngish adults. If you feel young, she writes for you–whether or not you feel particularly angelic.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my series on your blog, Hallie!

  2. I'm always a little skeptical about angel books because I have disliked a lot of them in the past but I must admit these actually sound pretty good!

  3. 'review to come soon' - story of my life, Hallie! lol! thanks for posting a spotlight :)

  4. Thank you for the spotlight on the Kingdom Come Series and for being part of the blog tour.

    I'd love the chance to read all the books in this series.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. Looking forward to your thoughts on the books! :)