05 October 2018

The Friday 56 & First Line Friday | The Little Prince

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Happy Friday!

I'm looking forward to picking up this little classic very soon.

First Line: Once when I was six I saw a magnificent picture in a book about the jungle, called True Stories.

From Page 56: It was then that the fox appeared.

A PBS Great American Read Top 100 Pick.

Moral allegory and spiritual autobiography, The Little Prince is the most translated book in the French language. With a timeless charm it tells the story of a little boy who leaves the safety of his own tiny planet to travel the universe, learning the vagaries of adult behaviour through a series of extraordinary encounters. His personal odyssey culminates in a voyage to Earth and further adventures.

Now, feel free to leave a line from a book near you in the comments below.
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  1. Over on my blog, I'm featuring the first line from The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear. Do stop by and check it out. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog, I am sharing the first line from Connilyn Cossette's newest novel, Shelter of the Most High. I cannot wait to get into this book. Currently, I am reading A Tale of Two Hearts by Michelle Griep. It is SO good. I am loving it. I am on chapter 23, so I will post the first line from that chapter here:

    "He'd meant to talk to his uncle, truly he had, but the next day passed in a blur of festive activities -- and never once had Uncle been without Miss Whymsy at his side."

    Hope you have a great weekend filled with lots of good reading!

  3. I've heard so much about this book! I need to read it. :) Happy reading Hallie!

  4. I enjoyed this one when I read it, and I read it a few times. This week I am featuring A Crafter Knits a Clue by Holly Quinn from my review stack. Happy reading!

  5. A classic!! :-) I am grateful for your participation in my meme. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!

  6. Happy Friday! I forgot about this week being about favorite genre but I DID share one from one of my favorite authors. I have to say historical fiction is my favorite, but I also like suspense to change things up a bit. I'm currently in-between books but I'll be be starting a new book after dinner tonight. Hope you have a great weekend with lots of quality reading time!

  7. I think I read that book a long, LONG time ago.

    I'm currently reading When Hearts Collide by Sara Beth Williams and the first line is "Lacey Bennett hunched forward with her forehead pressed against her knees, blood roaring in her ears."

  8. Happy Weekend! My first line is from Until I Met You by Kimberly Rose Johnson, which is included in the collection A Christmas To Remember:

    "Early Saturday morning, Brandi Prescott held her latte in one hand and opened the door to leave her favorite coffee shop in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle."

  9. Happy Friday! I’m featuring Lady of a Thousand Treasures by Sandra Byrd on my blog, here is the second line:

    “All present quickened as lightning pierced the ground just outside the wide panel of windows, like a finger pointing deep within the earth.”

  10. Somehow I've never read this, one of these days I'll get there...

    Lauren @ Always Me