22 February 2019

Vienna Prelude | The Friday 56 & First Line Friday

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Happy Friday!

It's a throwback this week. I distinctly remember receiving this book as a Christmas gift in high school, reading it nonstop, and immediately buying the rest of the series. Now that I'm thinking about it, I might be due for a reread.

First Line: It was a tiny shop, tucked discreetly in among the other shops along London's Oxford Street.

From Page 56: Somehow in this bargain with the devil, they lost everything, just as Faust had sold his soul.


No one is safe... 

In 1936 Nazi darkness descends upon Europe. Every person is only one step away from being swept into the nightmarish tide of evil. Blond Elisa Lindheim, and violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, adopts an Aryan stage name for protection. But her closest friend, Leah, a talented Jewish cellist, is in perilous position. 

There are those who choose to fight Hitler's madness. Elisa's father Theo. A courageous American reporter, John Murphy. Winston Churchill, the British statesman. A farm family in the Tyrolean Alps. The Jewish Underground. But will all their efforts be enough to stop the coming Holocaust? 

And now Elisa must decide. If she becomes part of the Underground, she will risk everything... and puts everyone she loves in danger.

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  1. Happy Friday! My first line is from Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe by Carla Laureano:

    “Once upon a time, Melody Johansson had believed in happily ever afters.”

  2. This sounds like a great story. This week I am spotlighting Connections in Death by J. D. Robb. Happy reading!

  3. My first line is from The White City by Grace Hitchcock:

    "Winnifred Wylde concentrated on his forehead, nodding, trying to respond appropriately, but it was so difficult with his nose hair escaping and retreating into his left nostril with every breath."


    Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy Friday!

    I'm currently reading Castle on the Rise by Kristy Cambron. It is such a great story. I highly recommend it. Right now I am in the middle of chapter 23, so I will share a line from there.

    "Most of the south side was still cloaked in darkness from the gasworks disaster."

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Happy reading! 🙂💚📚

  5. I owuld probably love this book. Hope you are enjoying it. My quotes

  6. Intriguing 56!!! Happy weekend!

  7. I love finding a book that makes me want to run out and get the rest in the series. This sounds like a good one. I hope its as good the second time around as the first! I do love the WWII setting! Have a great weekend!

  8. This brings back great reading memories!

    I'm sharing from the latest Elizabeth Camden novel on my blog, but I've just picked up After the Rain by Brandy Bruce. Here's the first line:

    "Deb, I miss you. I think about you. Just wanted to say it again."

  9. The opening sure invites you to read further and I liked the excerpt too.

    My Friday 56 from Silver River Secrets

  10. Happy Friday! I'm sharing from The Liberty Bride by MaryLu Tyndall on my blog today. Here is the first line from Chapter 7:

    "The minute Lieutenant Dimsmore offered Emeline his arm as they emerged from the companionway after dinner, she regretted accepting his invitation."

  11. This week on my blog I shared the first line from Of Fire and Lions by Mesu Andrews (releases 3/5). I'm currently reading it so I'll share the first line from my current chapter (22) here: "I had experienced the atrocities of war but never witnessed a battle like the one my son fought for his life during the week of his illness." This book is soooo good I highly recommend it! Hope you have a great weekend with quality reading time! :)

  12. Love the cover! Thank you for sharing!

  13. I think I know someone who would absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing.

    Lauren @ Always Me