10 July 2019

Stories of the Night | Excerpt + Giveaway


Alisen, a teenage girl, is routinely awakened by the same terrifying dream.

The nightmare gets more detailed and longer every night, but the terror remains the same. She tries to dismiss it as something she ate, or maybe a book she read, but then she meets Kale.

Kale is having the same nightmares.

Believing there must be a deeper meaning, Alisen and Kale delve into politics and biblical prophecy. Together, they discover that everything in their dreams has a counterpart in real life, which leads them to believe that something terrible is coming. Is there any way avoid this catastrophe and save thousands of lives? Or will their worst dreams come true? They must choose whether to turn to God or to each other to save them from the very end of the world.

Stories of the Night combines political intrigue, biblical prophecy, and military adventure into a suspenseful story that leaves the reader with the choice of where to place their ultimate hope.

Publisher: Ambassador International
Release Date: July 1, 2019


Suddenly Ethan was interrupted by a loud slam from the back. “Everybody out!” cried the lieutenant colonel. “Out! Quickly!”

“Sir,” protested Jay, who was right behind him, “what are we going to do with them? Where are they going to go?”

The lieutenant colonel turned to Jay and said something in a low voice. Then to the cadets he added, “You heard me! Move out of this hangar!”

“Find shelter outside,” yelled Jay. “It doesn’t matter where you go, just go somewhere! Hurry! And when this is over, meet back here. Go, now!”

The cadets had looked confused at first, but when Jay spoke they moved. Her voice carried with it an undertone of fear. Everyone ran for the door.

Alisen stood still, her thoughts in turmoil, her muscles tightening as her eyes grew wide.

“Kale!” she screamed, looking wildly where he stood in the front row. “The dreams! The dreams!”

His face drained instantly of color. “No,” he mouthed.

Alisen pulled McKenzie to her feet, her eyes wide with fear. “Hurry up, McKenzie!” she cried.

McKenzie shrugged. “You know the C.A.P. does drills,” she said. “This is probably just another one. No need to hurry.”

Alisen turned to face her. She put her hands on her shoulders and stared straight into her eyes. “Maybe I’d believe you if it wasn’t for Jay,” she said. “She’s serious if ever anyone was.”

McKenzie darted a glance at Jay, who stood ushering the cadets out the door.

“Right,” she said wearily. “Come on then.”

Jay stood watching them as they ran outside. McKenzie stopped. “Where do we go? Why are we doing this?”

“You’re going to find out soon if this is real,” said Jay, replying to her thoughts rather than to her question. “Make sure you cannot be seen either from the sky or from the ground. And hurry.”

“Jay!” Alisen couldn’t think of words. She stammered for a moment, then realized that she had Jay’s full attention and that she was waiting for her to speak.

“You predicted this,” said Jay. “Tell me what you know.”

Alisen was speechless.

“Tell me what you know!”

Suddenly a loud siren shattered the still air and made their ears ring. Jay motioned them to hurry on.


Lauren Smyth is a sixteen-year-old homeschooler with a passion for writing, acting, and music. As the daughter of an Air Force fighter pilot and university professor, she has lived in many places across the United States and Europe, from which she gained her love of travel and foreign languages. She currently lives in Ohio with her parents and her two cats.


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